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Olive - Rental

Olive , a vivacious gown in an army vibrant green shade, offered in a versatile one size that fits small, medium, and large , sizes 2-6/8 . The gown boasts a strapless bodice that maintains a simple elegance, allowing the drama of the skirt to take center stage. The skirt is a lavish display of ruffled tulle layers that ripple down in an exuberant waterfall of fabric, giving the gown a voluminous silhouette and a dynamic, playful character.

Each layer of tulle is meticulously gathered to create a full-bodied effect, with the ruffles adding a textural contrast against the smooth bodice. The rich, vibrant green color of the gown gives it a fresh and contemporary feel, reminiscent of a lush garden or the deep hues of an olive grove. It’s a statement piece that’s both bold and whimsical, perfect for events where making an entrance is a must.

She is not just a gown; she is a celebration of color, texture, and the embodied of joy dressed up.