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Marisol - Rental


“Marisol” is a sheer bridal robe that exudes a dream-like quality, ideal for sizes ranging from small to large. It is fashioned with an airy, ivory tulle that envelops the form in a cascade of ruffles, falling into a luxuriant train. This robe, with its sheer composition, suggests an ethereal delicacy, making it recommended to be worn over a slip or a form-fitting underdress to ensure modesty while still showcasing the intricacy of its design.

The gown’s V-neckline and cinched waist enhance the figure, offering an adjustable fit with a hint of structure amidst the fluidity. “Marisol” is a vision of bridal finesse, perfect for the bride who desires a gown that whispers of old-world charm while inviting a modern sensibility.