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Floral Whisper - Rental

The “Floral Whisper” gown is an enchanting creation tailored for a size 4-6 silhouette, designed to make a bride feel as though she’s stepped out of a delicate floral fantasy. The bodice is adorned with an intricate array of hand-applied flowers, each petal crafted with the utmost care to create a three-dimensional garden that blooms across the chest.

Transparent, gossamer-like tulle forms airy sleeves that tie gently at the shoulders, adding a touch of whimsy and softness. The waist cinches subtly, giving way to a flowing skirt made of layers upon layers of sheer fabric, with scattered floral appliqués that cascade down, mimicking the gentle fall of petals through the air.

“Floral Whisper” is a gown that speaks of soft spoken elegance and grace, a perfect choice for a bride who wishes to embody the gentle beauty of nature on her wedding day.